Thank you for all the donated food, clothing, toiletries, and supplies!  They are greatly appreciated.  We are no longer accepting donations at J4K.  Please deliver any additional items for donation to the HeadKnowles partner site at the following location:

Florida Paints
3521 All American Blvd
Orlando, FL 32810



  • HeadKnowles - They are the premier Bahamian disaster relief organization.  Reggie personally knows one of the founders.  They have been critical in mobilizing relief immediately into both Abaco and Freeport, as well as assisting in evacuation efforts out of these locations.  
  • First Orlando Foundation - They are a Christian organization located in Orlando, FL who has pledged 100% of the monetary donations to go towards relief supplies and related expenses only.  They are also a 501c3 organization.




We are a Bahamian-American family.  My husband was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. Most of our family still resides in the Bahamas, about half of them in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Hurricane Dorian demolished the Northern Bahamas when it made landfall with winds at 185 mph and then parked on top of those islands for an unprecedented 48 hours with its heavy winds and rain.  The resulting death and destruction is just now beginning to be understood.

 We are blessed to say that our family in Freeport did not have any loss of life, but they lost many of their personal possessions and sustained substantial damage to 4 of their homes and 2 of their restaurants. Island life presents unique challenges especially after a storm because they don’t have access to an abundance of resources - both to clear the debris as well as to supply basic daily needs. Your help is greatly needed in whatever way you can give - time, talents, or financial means.




We are so grateful to the many family, friends, neighbors, and customers who have reached out to ask how they can help. We have compiled a list of recommended places to direct your help. This is not an exhaustive list of agencies to support, but rather people, places and organizations that we personally know and trust to distribute resources appropriately.

 If you are not in a position to give financially or with physical goods, you can still help in an important way by sharing this information with everyone you know. Additionally, prayers and positive thoughts are needed to lift the spirits of those who are feeling fearful or hopeless.

 Additionally, please consider traveling to the other islands in the Bahamas for your vacation. Tourism is their major industry and visiting will continue to support the economy of the Bahamas as a whole and aid in its recovery. Beautiful people, beautiful place!!